Friday, April 15, 2016

Luke 9.51-62 Don’t Look Back

Summary: Nothing would deter Jesus from going to the cross. In our text, Luke 9:51-62, we cannot help but see the contrast between Jesus' resolute determination and that of three of his would-be followers.

1.  A. As you begin to read our text, what do you notice in verse 51? Luke 9:51

B. Luke 9:51-19:28 is referred to as “The Travel Log.” This section is unique to the gospel of Luke. Why did Jesus come to the earth?

C. As a back drop to this section, note the following: It is characterized by teaching. There is rejection by the religious authorities. There is superficial interest by the multitudes.

2. A. Begin by comparing Jesus’ resolve to the three would-be followers. What do you find? Luke 9:51, 57-62

B. What is significant about Jesus going up to Jerusalem? Luke 9:51, 13:31-33

C. What is Jesus’ purpose in going to Jerusalem? Luke 9:28-31

D. Whose unwillingness keeps man from salvation? I John 4:10, 3:16, 10:11, 10:15, 16:7-8, II Peter 3:9, I Timothy 2:3-4

3. A. Read Luke 9:51-56. What does this tell you about James and John? What did Jesus call James and John? Mark 3:16-17

B. What can we learn about ourselves from James and John? Where might they have got such an idea of consuming fire? Luke 9:46-49, Matthew 20:17-24, II Kings 1:9-10

C. Why did Jesus come? Can He bring judgment? I Timothy 1:15, Hebrews 10:31, 12:28-29, John 3:16-18

D. What is God’s heart for even those who reject Him? Acts 8:14-17

4. A. Read on in the text, Luke 9:57-62. What do you notice about these three would-be followers of Jesus?

B.  Look at Jesus’ response to each one: The first man volunteers. What does Jesus challenge him with? Luke 9:58, 9:23

C. Jesus picks out the second man. What does he offer Jesus and how does Jesus respond? Luke 9:59-60, 14:26

D. What is the dire warning Jesus has for the third man? How does looking back come off in scripture? Luke 9:61-62, 17:32, II Timothy 4:10, Acts 13:13

E.  What about us? Do we volunteer quickly, like the first man, without counting the costs? Do we hope He does not pick us, and then offer excuses like the second man? Do we know the issue, like the third man, but still want to look back? Luke 9:57-62

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