Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Luke 8.26-39 Jesus, Son of the Most High God

Summary: Who is this man, who not only has power over the wind and waves, but also the demonic realm? It is Jesus, Son of the Most High God.

1. A. What power did Jesus demonstrate in last week’s lesson? Luke 8:22-25

B. What power does Jesus demonstrate in this week’s lesson? Luke 8:26-39

C. Do you see who Jesus really is in these two passages? Luke 8:22-39

Remember the question the disciples had last week? Did you take note of who has an answer in this week’s passage? Luke 8:25, 28, Genesis 14:18, Psalm 9:1-2, Hebrews 5:5-6

2. A. Notice how this is a “bang, bang” play. They just get through one storm and what happens? Luke 8:26-27, Mark 5:1-2

B. What is it like to be under the dominion of Satan? Luke 8:27, Mark 5:3-5

C. What is all around us in our culture? What is the source of evil? Revelation 9:11 (Apolluon: a destroyer)

3. A. Who is behind all false religion? I Corinthians 10:19-20

B. What happens when you are devoted to a false religion? I Kings 18:26-28

C. What did Satan lie about at the very beginning? Genesis 3:4

4. A. What do all demons know? Luke 8:28, Matthew 8:28-29, Mark 1:23-24, Luke 4:33-34

B. Who has power over the demonic realm? Luke 8:29-32, I John 4:4

C. Stop and just enjoy this picture of deliverance! What was the man who was possessed doing? Luke 8:33-35

5. A. How did the people of Gerasenes react to this deliverance? Luke 8:35b-37

B. What was the man’s request and what was Jesus’ response? What did the man do? Luke 8:38-39

C. In light of Jesus’ directive to the man, what can you do or what should you do, when you talk to others?

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