Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Luke 7.36-50 Jesus Dining with Sinners

Summary: This passage reveals Jesus’ heart to forgive and save every sinner who comes to him through faith.

1. What has happened prior to this passage that would give insight into the Pharisees attitude toward Jesus? Luke 7: 29-30; 33-34

2. What do you learn about the characters in this passage and their response to Jesus? Luke 7:36-50

a. What do you learn about the Pharisees?

b. What do you learn about the woman?

c. What do you learn about Jesus?

d. What surprises are there?

3. What does the woman learn about Jesus?

4. What does the Pharisee learn about forgiveness?

5. How could you sum up the meaning of this passage in your own words?

6. How does this passage challenge or confirm your understanding?

a. Is there some attitude you need to change?

b. What does this passage teach you about being a disciple of Jesus?

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