Friday, April 15, 2016

Luke 10:1-16 Sending the Lambs into the midst of Wolves

1. In what manner were the seventy-two followers sent out?

2. What was life like for the seventy-two disciples?

3. Which of the jobs done by the seventy-two do we see in action today?

4. According to Jesus, why were His followers to pray for more workers? (10:2)

5. What instructions has Jesus given you?

6. When have you been rejected as a representative of Christ?

7. Why do you think Jesus likened his followers to lambs?

8. What instructions did Jesus give the seventy-two concerning their departure? ( 10:4)

9. What were Jesus' followers to do about accommodations? (10:5-8)

10. What were the seventy-two sent out to do? (10:9)

11. When can you set aside time to pray regularly to learn your place among those whom God has sent out?

12. To what could unbelieving towns look forward? (10: 10-15)

13. What are the trappings of being "wise and learned"?

14. What can we see and hear about God that the disciples, prophets, and kings could not?

15. Whom else can you encourage in your church or fellowship group to join you in prayer and service?

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