Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Luke 4:22-30 Rejection of the Gospel

Summary: Our response towards the gospel is a great indicator of the condition of our heart. Rejection/resentment towards the gospel shows a heart that is still in need of transformation. Meanwhile, repentance (change of mind) towards the gospel conveys a heart softened by the gospel.

1. Before we jump into verses 22-30, let's review Jesus fulfilling the Isaiah 61 passage that He read in verses 18-19. What are 4 types of people who are receptive to the gospel?

2. What is in common with each of these 4 types of people?

3. What does Jesus mean by "poor in spirit"? Psalm 34:18, I Peter 5:5, Revelation 3:17

4. In light of Luke 4:18-30, why do most people reject the gospel?

5. How does "release the captives" relate to John 8:31-34?

6. Similarly, how does John 9 relate to the "recovery of sight to the blind"? In particular, please review John 9:35-41.

7. Finally, how does "to set free those who are downtrodden" tie into Romans 5:8-10 and Matthew 11:28?

8. Initially, those in the synagogue were speaking well of Jesus (see verse 22). However, how did their demeanor change once Jesus explained His teaching? Luke 4:24 and 28

9. Speaking of which, did the people's demeanor actually change or did they begin to realize what Jesus was really speaking about?

10. Was the rejection of Jesus (v24 & 28-30) merely hometown prejudice or was it something more? Why?

11. When we reject the gospel, who are we really rejecting? Is this a new trend? I Samuel 8:6-8, Ezekiel 20:12-14

12. What two examples does Jesus bring up in regards to the gospel in verses 25-27? Note: for more back story, please review I Kings 17 and II Kings 5.

13. How do these two examples tie into the Isaiah 61 passage that Jesus read?

14. Why would these two examples be so potentially provoking to a proud Jewish audience?

15. Was Jesus really threatened by the crowd in verses 28-30? How could that same peace apply to us? Psalm 139:16, Job 14:5

16. Finally, what are really the only two responses to the gospel? What often keeps people from the gospel? Could these same "wrong heart conditions" hinder our walk with Christ from time to time? Psalm 138:6, Jeremiah 13:15

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