Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Luke 3:1-9 The Word of God Came to John

Summary: The Book of Luke is a careful historical review of the greatest life ever lived. Are you reading through the Book of Luke? The theme of this book, Luke 19:10, says, “The Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost.” Jesus came to grant forgiveness. Invite God in prayer to use this book in your lives.

1. A. What marks the beginning of chapter 3 of Luke as significant? Luke 3:1-2

B. If we dug into the lives of the men in Luke 3:1-2, what would we find? In what kind of world do these events take place?

C. Even in days like we find here in Luke, what does God do? Luke 3:2

2. A. Who was John? Luke 1:76-77, 7:24-28

B. When John comes on the scene, is it Old or New Testament ground?

C. How does God accomplish His work on earth? Luke 3:2, Hosea 1:1, Joel 1:1, Jonah 1:1, Micah 1:1, Zephaniah 1:1, Haggai 1:1

D. How did Jeremiah feel when he was given God’s word? How did Paul and Peter view the scripture at the end of their lives? Jeremiah 1:1-9, II Timothy 3:14-17, II Peter 1:16-21

3. A. When John comes on the scene, where is he? Luke 3:2-3, 1:80

B. How did John come? Luke 3:3

C. How did Jesus come? Luke 4:15-22, 43-44

4. A. What specifically did John preach? Luke 3:3, 1:76-77, 24:46-47

B. Who needs to hear “the word of God” that “came to John?” Psalm 130:3-4

C. What is the good news John preached? Psalm 86:4-5, Luke 23:34

5. A. Is there forgiveness apart from repentance? Luke 3:3, Acts 20:21

B. Is the “baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins” the same as Christian baptism? Acts 19:1-5

C. What should you do if you want to hear from God? Luke 3:3, Acts 2:38

6. A. How is John’s mission described in our text? Luke 3:4-6, Isaiah 40:3-5

B. How did the people respond to John’s message, and how did John respond to the people? What did John warn them about? Luke 3:7

C. What should be the result of repentance? What should we be proclaiming? Luke 3:8-9, 5:20-21, 19:10, 24:47, Romans 8:1, James 2:26, I Peter 2:24, I John 2:12

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