Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bible Study on Romans: The Obedience of Faith: Romans 1.5-13

Summary: Paul was set apart for the gospel of God.  The gospel concerned His Son.  We discover a GEM in these few verses.  The GOAL is to bring about the obedience of faith. The EXTENT of the gospel is to all the Gentiles, and the MOTIVE for Paul’s writing is for Christ’s name sake.  
1.A. What had Paul received from the Lord Jesus Christ in v.5?  What is grace? 
B. How did Paul receive grace? For what purpose was it given to Paul?  Why was it necessary for Paul to be given grace to carry out his responsibilities? 
C. Have you received grace?  If so, for what purpose has God given you grace? (note “grace” is used 21 times in Romans)
2.A. What was Paul’s goal here in v.5? 
B. What is “obedience of faith”? (cf. 5:19; 6:16; 15:18; 16;19;16:26)  How are faith and obedience related to one another (Jn.3:36 & 2 Thess.1:8)?  Is obedience an “outward” or “inward” matter?  What does obedience prove (Jn.14:15ff)? 
C. Personally identify areas of your life that you find it difficult to be obedient in?  Why is it difficult?  What will you do this week to bring those areas into submission to Christ?
 3.A. Who is the gospel directed to?  What group of people?
B. Does that mean that Jews are excluded from the gospel? Why or why not?  Should the Jews have been surprised that “their God” was making Himself available to Gentiles?
C. How does this truth affect you personally?  Who should you witness to?
4.A. What is the motive for Paul’s mission of proclaiming the gospel?
B. What occurs when it is presented with the proper motive? (see Phil.1:15-18) What might be other motives for proclaiming the gospel?
C. What is your primary motive for proclaiming the gospel?  Is it the same as Paul’s? 
5.A. How are believers described in vv.6-7?  
B. What does it mean to be “called”? (see 1:1; 1:7; 8:28; 1Cor.1:1,2,24)  What does the term “beloved” mean?  Who are “saints”?  What does it mean to be "called to be saints?" What do you think it means to be a saint? Do you see yourself as a saint? Why/Why not? What do these terms (called, saints, beloved) imply about God’s purposes?
C. Knowing you are a saint, what does that require of you?  How can you participate with God in trying to live up to that title?
6. For Further study: Find the 10 uses of “peace” in Romans.

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