Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bible Study on Romans: The Gospel of God: Romans 1.2-4

Summary: As Paul begins this tremendous book, his introduction covers the main point of what he will unfold over the next several chapters that is “the gospel of God.”  We observe in these first few verses that the gospel was promised beforehand; through the prophets; in the holy Scriptures and it concerns God’s Son.  It’s a message of hope and is obtained through faith.

1. A. How does Paul describe himself in v.1? 

B. What does it mean to be “set apart” for the gospel?  How was Paul set apart? 

C. In what practical ways are you set apart for the gospel?

2. A. What do you find out about the gospel in v.2? 

B. Why is it important to establish the facts of the gospel given here?  What is the gospel not? Or where did it not come from? Why is that important? 

C. How do these truths about the gospel cause you to respond?

3. A. What can you determine about “His Son” in v.3?  What part of His nature does it describe? 

B. Who is David?  Why mention him in context of the gospel?  And why is it important that “His Son” be described in the context of David? 

C. What difference does it make in your life that “His Son” is described the way he is in v.3?

4. A. What other way is “His Son” described in v.4? What two natures of Jesus are described in verses 3 & 4? Why did you think this is included?

B. Why is it important the “He” be described in the context of the resurrection?  Discuss several ways in which “He” displayed “His” diety while on earth.

C. What difference does that make to you? 

5. A. What do you observe about the Spirit of holiness here? 

B. What role does the Holy Spirit play in the proclamation of the gospel? 

C. How do you and I cooperate with the Holy Spirit in presenting the gospel?  What is the difference between defending and presenting the gospel?  Which did the early disciples do?

6. Identify by name those whom you would like to share the gospel with over the next few weeks.  Discuss how you might do that with your group.

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