Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bible Study on Romans: An Overview of the Gospel: Romans 1-8

1. What are the 2 main divisions of the book of Romans?

2. When was the Gospel first promised? (1:2) What OT passages can you find to support your answer?

3. Many consider Romans 1:16-17 to be the theme of Romans. Why? What are 6 truths that we can derive from these two verses?

4. What three types of people are described in 1:18-2:29? What common state do they all share in relationship to God?

5. The passage 3:21-5:21 tells us of God's justification of the unjust. What is justification? What can you find out about it in 3:21-3:31?

6. What about people who lived before Paul's time (ch 4)?  How were they justified?

7. What can you find out about justification in chapter 5?

8. The passage in Chapters 6-8 tells us of God's sanctification of the believer. What is sanctification?  What can you find out about it in chapter 6?

9. What does chapter 7 say about the Law (7:6) in regard to sanctification?  About the flesh (7:18)? About the new nature (7:19-24)? About Christ (7:25)?

10. What is called for in believers in 8:1-9? What can be expected during the sanctification process (8:17)? What is Paul's attitude toward it (8:18)?  What's God's (8:28)? What affect will it have on God's relationship with the believer? (8:38-39)

11. Which category of person (1:1-18-2:29) would you classify yourself?

12. Make a commitment to read Romans a set number of times (ie 50) and have someone hold you accountable.

13. Using verses only from Romans, create a Gospel presentation to share with anyone.

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