Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Peter 4:7-9 "The End is Near"

Summary: "The end of all things is at hand." This is the solemn assertion of the Holy Spirit of God. History has a beginning and history has an end. In light of this, we are exhorted to pray more and love more.

1. A. What does the Bible have to say about the end of history? Hebrews 10:37, James 5:7-9, I Peter 4:7

B. What is it like today, at this point in history, and what does the Bible say it will be like? Matthew 24:4-8, 24:37-39, Mark 13:5-8, Luke 21:8-9

C. In light of "the end of all things is at hand," what should we do? I Peter 4:7-9

2. A. How are we exhorted to pray in I Peter 4:7?

B. "Sound judgment" is one word in the Greek. Think like a saved person. Luke 8:35, Romans 12:1-3, II Corinthians 5:13-15

C. When you pray, ask God to help you pray more thoughtfully, with a mind that has been saved and sees thing eternally. Colossians 3:1-4

3. A. How else are we exhorted to pray in I Peter 4:7?

B. This word "sober" is only in the New Testament 6 times, and three are in I Peter. How does its use help you with your prayer life? I Thessalonians 5:1-8, II Timothy 4:1-5, I Peter 1:13, 4:7, 5:8

4. A. A "sober spirit," is the opposite of being lulled to sleep. How does this apply to prayer? Matthew 26:36-46

B. When was the last time you or I prayed with "sound judgment and sober spirit" for an hour? Do you or I pray in light of "the end of all things is at hand?" Matthew 9:36-38, John 4:34-36, Acts 4:31, 17:30-31, Ephesians 6:18-20, Philippians 1:18-20, I Thessalonians 5:16-18

5. What should we expect the next time we look at I Peter? John 13:34-35, I Peter 4:8-9, I John 2:9-10, 4:7-10

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